Glam Team
Glam Team

 Puss In Glam

liteta-iam the one and only, (said with a french accent:) Le Great Diva Extraordinaire: Pitzush Puss in Glam. The most eccentric and iconic fashion cat. But what am I talking about? I am THE ONLY fashion cat! Those who dare to do the same: they are just copycats :))) ( pun intended).

I was saved when I was just a baby (starving and very ill) and from then on I knew I will be rich and famous ( still working on the rich part, though).

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year you already know that I looove fashion. The things that you don’t know is that I hate fast fashion and the whole concept of trends. Also, I will scratch you if you are not against body shaming and any kind of shaming for that matter! But sometimes I am a little (or a lot) hypocrite and I make fun of a lot of stuff which you will be hearing on my blog! I looove to nag and brag a lot! So you’ll either love me or hate me, nothing in between.

Let me present you the other part of my team.

Glam Team

The Sidekick

litera-she is my little sister, the stealer of all the attention. (She  wishes! but I’ll show her!) Believe it or not, she was saved from some evil little children who were torturing her and  dropped her in some scary river.  

After beeing saved she only wishes to be glam and famous like me. The scary vet said she is a white Dollface Persian cat, but in my opinion,  she is just a white little poser. And I’m not jealous, ok?


Glam Team

The Hooman
aka the Food Provider

litera-she is my everything: and by that, I mean my cook, my waitress, my housekeeper, my cleaning lady, my errands boy (sometimes she even dresses like one, what’s up with that?)

She thinks that she is actually the chief of operations but she is just delusional.

When I allow her to go away from me and my needs I heard that she is some kind of doctor: a dentist ( some kind of torturer of hoomans) and because of that, she thinks that is ok to act like the know it all and became my temporary vet. Not very nice, you hooman!

Otherwise, she is quite ok: she is also some kind of writer and she writes o magical book, but the little bastard did not create a character inspired by my awesome persona! I will not forgive you for this! And she also creates photos with the magical characters from her book. All sorts of magical princesses. You can see them here.
facebookThis is actually her! Yes, I can’t believe it either. 

She also likes to paint and she paints on everything: on me, on clothes, on furniture, on walls, on jewelry – nothing escapes her. That’s why our house always looks like a big atelier (a messy one of course).